Bits and Pieces

How can you tell for sure that you have plaque? Gently scrape the inside of one of your molars with your finger. You should notice some white stuff under your fingernail, known as plaque which is a sticky film of bacteria that develops on teeth. If not removed, it starts to harden in due course.


It is actually a form of arthritis that can occur unexpectedly. The pain can be excruciating and unbearable, particular at night. The skin in the area of the problem turns red-hot, swollen and tender and can last for a long time. It is caused by uric acid present in bloodstreams. For some reason it is also considered to be inherited by royalty. Usually, an attack of gout is directed at the big toe, although it can also affect the other joints that become inflamed.


What mostly cause flatulence are beans and legumes, particularly when these are not cooked well. However, there is a solution: Soaking these in water for about 24 hours can help expel their gas-producing properties, followed by at least 30 minutes of cooking.


Some doctors tell their patients that the presence of wax in their ears should make them feel lucky. However, when the wax accumulates, it tends to harden and plug the eardrum and needs to be removed.

Self-Evident Truth

A capsule of the essence of order and peace
far excels the nonsense of the fat and grease
smeared all o’er the body of a government
rambling, unstable and shoddy, with no
realistic goals, without calculating the
pros and cons of untried methods and systems.

There are those that deviate from paths that
have been traversed effectively by their
predecessors and those that arbitrarily
miscalculate the equation of true principles
that serve as the basis of good government.

For The Common Good


Breach not the sanctuary of the heart
with deliberate and destructive rejections;
it might not survive the debilitating
effects thereof.

Trespass not the defined borders of sanity
with intolerable machinations of ideologies
that tend to oppose the clarity of thinking
as it serves to dehumanize the true purposes
of living.

Use the tools of freedom, love and wisdom
and assemble these together to create
peace and prosperity.

Think not that the knowledge you have gathered
over the years has reached its limit; remember
knowledge is infinite.

Be aware of the need to relate to those
that can help you to comprehend life as it
is meant to be; nor should you undo your
connections without having second thoughts
about it.

Hyperventilation – A Medical Alert

There are those that suddenly and unexpectedly breathe fast and out of control. The heart begins to pound, fingers tingle and palms sweat. It is a problem that is triggered by anxiety and those that experience it feel as if they are going to die. It is a problem that calls for the immediate attention of a doctor whose diagnosis should determine if those experiencing such a setback are actually in danger of dying.

The incidence of hyperventilation is considered to be uncommon, but could be connected to a lung disease, a blood infection, pneumonia or even poisoning. It could also be a symptom of a heart attack.

In most cases, however, the problem may not be serious but it does need an accurate diagnosis to prove that it is triggered by the sudden onset of anxiety.

Episodes of hyperventilation could continue for hours. It is not uncommon for some people to breathe rapidly when they are frightened or in the event they start to panic. Doctors generally advise those with such a problem to sit down, be composed and relax.

Exercise could help decrease the anxiety, avoiding crowds, abstaining from caffeine and last, but not least abstaining from smoking, for the reason that nicotine could trigger a panic attack that could bring about a recurrence of hyperventilation.

Heart, Soul and Mind


What good is a heart
With no chamber of love,
Or heaven, in fact,
Without God above.

How worthy is a soul
That has not in it
The spark that ignites
A warm, kindly spirit.

How sound is the mind
That reasons not well,
Confined in a vacuum
Within its own shell.

All three, undoubtedly –
Heart, Soul and Mind –
Can get us ahead,
Or leave us behind.

Edward VIII

Edward VIII (January 20 1894 – December ll, l936) was King of Great Britain and Ireland. He was the eldest son of King George V and Queen Mary. He was born at White Lodge, Richmond Park in the year 1894. In 1907, he entered the Naval College at Dartmouth. He attained the rank of midshipman in 19ll. He was then assigned to the HMS Hindustan on which he served for 3 years.

Thereafter, he spent some time in France where he learned French and studied the history of France. World War I interrupted his studies at Oxford. In 1914, he joined the Grenadier Guards. During World Ward I, he served in various capacities in France, Italy, Egypt, Flanders and Belgium.

He evinced a great deal of interest in social reform, and toured Canada and the United
States. As an ambassador of goodwill, he helped promote trade while on subsequent trips to Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, British South Africa and South America. He was also involved in slum clearance projects, aid to the unemployed, as well as improvement of conditions in the mines. He also promoted British industry and motion picture production.

At the death of his father in l936, he was proclaimed King Edward VIII. Before long, rumors began to circulate about his alleged romance with an American woman, by the name of Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson who was then married to a London shipping broker, her second husband.

In October 1936, he was advised by the Prime Minister to squash the rumor for the good of the country. But Edward declared that he intended to marry her, even if it meant abdication. He was requested to finalize his decision between the throne and marriage. He chose the latter and abdicated his throne in favor of his brother, George VI, the Duke of York.

Edward received the title of Duke of Windsor. After his marriage, he settled in Austria. He was governor of the Bahamas and visited England for the first time where he was reunited with his mother, Dowager Queen Mary. Subsequently, he lived in the U.S. and France as a private citizen.

The Duchess was not invited to the wedding in 1947 of Princess Elizabeth to Lt. Philip Mountbatten, former prince of Greece and Denmark. The Duke and Duchess were not present at the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth in June l953.

Edward’s love for Mrs. Simpson proved more powerful than the kingship that he had spurned, making him one of the most controversial members of British royalty.

Foundation Of Friendship

The foundation of friendship depends on how solid is the base on which it is set and whether or not it has been tested for strength and durability. True friendship encompasses understanding, mutual respect, confidence and integrity. Most importantly, there should be no lack of trust between friends and there must be a sense of reciprocation and readiness to help each other in an emergency. Egotism and self-interest might serve to break the bond of relationship between friends. True friendship must not be exploited to a point where either person might be pressured to do the bidding of the other. When this happens, it serves to dilute the essence of the meaning of friendship. A friend must be disposed to promote the benefit of the other if and when the need arises within certain limitations and not as a means of taking advantage of each other for the purpose of self-aggrandizement and profit. The notion that any kind of friendship could withstand the test of time is false. True friendship must be seasoned while maturing gradually, and should be maintained with the utmost care.

Time-tested friendship should be likened to a building that must be reinforced, so that it could stand on its foundation for as long as possible, the tools being the well-stocked components of kindness, amiability, confidence and trust. However, it is not uncommon for friendships to break or sour because of a misunderstanding. I have known steadfast friendships to break because of an unintentional indifference on the part of a friend. No space should be allowed for any kind of unreasonable suspicion between two friends. By this, one can assess the delicate nature of such a relationship that should not be taken for granted, even when it seems unlikely that they would at any time sever their relationship.

Trust is the key component that assures the continuance of friendship. It is an attribute that holds true, not only for friendship, but also for blood relationships such as between spouses and their families, and it does not have to be spelled out on a piece of paper. It emanates from the depth of ones being – an unwritten qualification that is, by itself, sufficient to arouse the feeling of goodwill between friends and those that depend on the preponderance of its significance.

It is, therefore, unquestionable that the foundation of true friendship must possess the power to withstand the weight that is built upon it.