The Paranoid Schizophrenic


He hears strange voices in his head

Wherein exist the evil forms

Of groundless fears and morbid dread –

Those unrelenting mental storms!

And like a schooner in a gale,

He moves but with a tattered sail.

There’s neither silence anywhere,

Nor harmony of time and space;

Mere pandemonium everywhere

With bitterness in every place

Where all the elements collide,

By which he never can abide.

He must escape the awful dread

Of doubt and apprehension now!

Still the voices in his head,

By every means, no matter how!

He knows no hell save that within

Himself alone; he knows no sin,

Except what constantly he hears

As undisputed facts of life;

He knows no wrong except his fears –

The inner depths of pain and strife,

Perceiving fantasies and shades

Of senseless images of Hades!










The structure of a building grand

Or humble must depend upon

A strong foundation on a land

With a blueprint clearly drawn.


Likewise, must the structure of

Human life depend upon

Perseverance, faith and love,

With persistence truly borne –


A foundation fit to bear

Life’s vicissitudes with prayer,

And with passing time retain

The quintessence of moral gain.

Cholesterol : Categories – Tips on How to Lower High Levels

There are categories of cholesterol, such as dietary cholesterol, serum cholesterol, LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol and HDL (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) as follows:

Dietary Cholesterol:

This category relates to food, mostly of animal origin.

Serum Cholesterol:

This type is contained in your bloodstream. A reading of a minimum of 200 is desirable.

LDL Cholesterol:

Clogs artery. Low levels are desirable.

HDL Cholesterol:

Considered to be good. The higher the better.


Niacin: High doses are known to lower high levels of cholesterol. It is suggested that you begin with low doses (l00 milligrams a day), increasing the doses over a period of several weeks.

Vitamin C: Raises levels of HDL.

Vitamin E: Raises levels of HDL

Calcium: Lowers high cholesterol levels, while strengthening your bones

It is also suggested that losing weight can also reduce high levels of cholesterol.


Listlessly, the time drags on;

The heat of the sun’s inclement force

Keeps scorching the earth,

Searing the lawn,

With no compassion nor remorse.

Inviting smog

The firmament appears divorced

From every cloud,

Sparrows twittering, forlorn!

Nature as if has sorely vowed

To let her anger

Loose upon

Spoilers of her erstwhile plan,

The belly of the tortured earth,

Full of the poisonous acts of man;

And not until the sun goes down,

Easing the burden of the dirge

Of the sad old, Earth; but soon,

Another day arrives another scourge –

Another cry of Nature woebegone!

As life on earth

Advances on and on,

And with it all the foibles of man that are

His legacy to those as yet unborn

Whose privileges

Tomorrow may be gone!

Unintended Abuse

What seems rather extraordinary is the most recent discovery, uncovering unintended abuse by nursing homes and board and care facilities, one of which being the administering of certain prescription drugs, such as anti- psychotics to elderly patients and residents with problems that seem to be misdiagnosed. It has been reported by the AARP that there are lawsuits still pending and those that have been concluded in settlements.

Incidents of severe side effects caused by the intake of anti- psychotic medications as well as medications meant to counteract the side effects have been reported, as a result of which the elderly patients and residents keep experiencing ongoing confusion and memory loss over a period of time. What seems highly irregular is the fact that family members are not being notified, except the doctors that prescribe the drugs. According to the AARP, such a practice might be attributed to inadequate training and under-staffing of individual caregivers, as well as the eagerness on the part of some pharmaceutical companies to market their products. Over and above such common abuse is the uncovering of healthcare fraud, amounting to billions of dollars, emanating from kickbacks to doctors.

One of the common anti-psychotic drugs are Resperdol and Zyprexa, administered to older people in some of the board and care facilities and nursing homes. It is not uncommon for elderly patients and residents to experience problems, such as dementia that does not have to be treated with harsh anti-psychotics. There are those that have disturbances while sleeping or while they are awake, for which they ought to be helped in other ways, other than trying to allay their problems with severe anti-psychotics.

Complying with Federal regulations, as far as over-medications are concerned, should be one of the primary aspects, governing nursing homes and board and care facilities.

A Particular Insect Helpful To Humans

Some insects are known to be helpful to humans, one of which is the dung beetle that can serve more than one purpose: It eats excrement, as well as lays its eggs therein. A male usually offers a large piece of the excrement to a female it wants to mate. It has been observed that dung beetles can surround an elephant dung and successfully move it in a short space of time.

The dung beetles have also been seen rolling the dung heap into a ball prior to burying it in a soft spot. Further studies have shown that they navigate their movements by being guided by the light of the sun or moon when they want to form a straight line. They use the band of light produced by the Milky Way galaxy as a means of guidance.

Studies have shown, as well as confirmed in a journal, known as Current Biology, that this is the first time such a navigation system is found to be effective, even in the dimmest starlight, with the possibility that humans might also be successful in finding solutions to complex problems. It can also serve as an added feature that can be programmed for a drone, in order to locate a certain target.

In the final analysis, dung beetles have the potential to help themselves, as well as humans to find solutions to certain problems by mimicking their navigation system.