Past, Present, Future


The Past knows no “abortion,”
When pregnant with sweet Time,
Giving birth to the Present,
Unblemished and sublime –

The Present, mimicking the past,
In its own time and space
Gets pregnant with the future,
With confidence and grace.

The Future unpredictable,
Depends on how we view it
From the standpoint of the Present
And what it must inherit.

My Ship Of Hope


My ship of hope is far from port
Where sweet success awaits me,
Where eager souls can never quit,
Forever glad and free!

My mind is firmly set upon
The compass and the rudder,
My heart keeps fluttering, but my soul
Shall never, never shudder.

No howling wind, nor billows wild
Shall make me yearn for shore
From where my ship of hope had left
For the reason to explore!

Staunch members of the crew on board –
Faith, Confidence, Desire –
These be the sources of my hope
That help me and inspire.

And when my ship arrives at
Its final port of call,
I’ll soon unload the cargo of
My efforts, all in all

The Need To Adhere To A Firm Foreign Policy

What would you do if your enemy is bent on killing you? The answer should be obvious: You either try to kill him or try to get rid of him by means of another method that you deem fit. Any kind of foreign policy that reflects weakness or apathy might, in the long run, make it easier for those that are waiting to hurt you when you least expect it.

It is well-known that life on earth was structured on a premise by which human beings cannot abide in a peaceful relationship indefinitely, since the beginning of time. War and slavery were always the obstacles that stood in the way of dignity and peace. These two aspects of life on earth continues to linger to this day and age, regardless of how hard we try to achieve a lasting peace, which makes it all the more imperative that our foreign policy should never vacillate but remain firm, while it remains slanted toward an equality of purpose that can help promote a fair exchange of views in order to maintain the status quo.

Our foreign policy must necessarily be attuned to letting those that oppose us know that any kind of threat, direct or indirect, would be met with a justified retaliation. By so doing, we do not merely help ourselves in the process but also our allies that count on our leadership and knowhow.

Backache: Problem – Relief

Back problems are generally attributed to pushing, twisting, bending, lifting, punching, pulling and straining. According to statistics, four out of five Americans experience such a problem at some point in their lives. Backaches can be either acute or chronic.

How To Obtain Relief:

Get off your feet and get some bed rest.

The majority of those that experience backache do not consider exercise to be beneficial, such as l) press-up or half a push-up; 2) swimming; 3) refraining from lounging too long. Exercise is highly recommended.

Some backaches, considered to be chronic, might need a doctor’s care, such as l) backaches
that happen for no obvious reason; 2) backaches with symptoms, such as fever, stomach cramps, chest pain, or difficulty breathing; 3) persistent pain that defies relief; 4) when it radiates down to your knee or foot.

There are occasions when your car seat might be uncomfortable, each time you buckle up. Choose a car seat that is equipped with adjustable lumber support.

There are those that might be susceptible to backaches permanently. Susceptibility can be chronic and calls for frequent pain relievers, such as aspirin and ibuprofen that might help to allay the pain temporarily.

The Homeless Indigent


His soul has lost its bearings,
As he keeps moving as if propelled
Not by his own mental compass
But driven by the merciless wind
Of misery and wretchedness.
He cries out silently and painfully
In his fading light of existence,
Bowed to the ridiculing pleasure
Of dereliction and surrender
On the cruel paths of lovelessness,
Past valleys of dignity and pride,
Across society’s withering desert
Of indifference, weak and bleeding
Within himself, dreamless, surrendered
To his own failure.

The world outside of himself seems
But a planet of aliens, as he keeps
Moving, unconsciously forever.



Shadows of uncertain fate
Encroach upon reflections
Of fuller, brighter sections
Of fortune amidst the strife
Of undulating life
Within ones own estate.

None should exaggerate
The permanence of bliss
With its lingering “kiss,”
Knowing how insecure
Is the external lure
Of its embellished gate.

Blatant Abuses Of Freedom

As we all know, freedom is not merely confined to the common citizenry of the United States, but is also enjoyed by entities in government, State and Federal. However, when one begins to consider the state of affairs in certain areas of government, one cannot help but notice that the equation of corruption seems to recently focus on the latter, based on reports promulgated through the media. It tends to get more and more apparent, perhaps, because of the permissiveness that a number of leaders enjoy and
exploit. Let alone the prisons that might give one the impression that those imprisoned
might prove me wrong, to which I can state without any doubt, that not all prisoners are incarcerated because of crimes of corruption. One might estimate that ninety-nine percent of those in prisons are there for murder or other misdemeanors that may not fall in the category of corruption, but consequences of violations and prosecutions, some of which may not be serious enough to warrant sentences of incarceration.

What might be blatantly demonstrative are corruptions and failures on the part of a number of police officers that seemed to have gotten away for an extended period of time, mostly for the reason that these might not have been reported, until discovered by
way of a long-drawn investigation, confirming the adage that “crime of any shade or color does not pay.”

In many instances, there are certain misdemeanors committed that are classified as being
unpremeditated and unprovoked, but there are those that have been proven to be premeditated and provoked, in which case, there are those in government that know exactly what they may be doing in the way of corruption.