No Justification

What seems beyond the ethical boundaries of any war should not be Israel’s retaliation against the ongoing firing of rockets and its right to defend itself from an onslaught that serves as a new strategy on the part of Hamas, it being its deliberate use of civilians as human shields as a means of drawing criticism from critics, such as Democracy Now as well as the United Nations.

It is a new strategy that is being presently employed by Hamas. Terrorism, in any form, particularly by fanatics, can also, if need be, include any kind of strategy, especially when those, such as Hamas, find it to be workable. Unfortunately, the lack of human values on the part of Hamas does not seem to bother those that hate Jews, under all circumstances.

Facts Of Life

You may ask:
Why good and evil forever collide,
and good by itself exclusively treasured;
why life couldn’t be lived,
unaffected by evil;
how else can the test of time be measured;

you may ask:
why dreams are mostly empty and barren;
not all efforts blissfully crowned with success;
some goals seem lost
and some visibly clear;
a conjecture being nothing but an aimless guess;

objectives disappearing
in clouds of uncertainty;
paths of life undulating and broken;
life being consistent
with passing time;
each circumstance simply a token

of how it is lived,
attuned to reality and fleeting time.



There are lines of people everywhere,

Standing and waiting to be served,

Some long, some short,

Here and there,

Crooked ones, broken and curved –

Lines of people that must spare

A little patience unreserved.

I look beyond the literal stage

Of lines as physical as these,

Contemplate the lines of age

In numbers that will never ceases,

Where those behind are full of rage,

And those ahead stand ill at ease.

Habits, Good and Bad

Habits – Good and Bad

Generally, certain habits that we develop could also affect our state of mind and in, due course, reflect on our character and motives. For instance, a seasoned alcoholic or smoker might be aware of his or her problem, but not inclined or capable to correct it. Ironically, a bad habit could initially afford us a great deal of comfort and convenience, mentally and physically, until later in life when it might inflict pain and suffering. On the other hand, a good habit could help us succeed in some of our endeavors that might even get us closer to goals that we aspire.

Habits that we cultivate through life, could make or break us. A good habit could help steer us in the direction of fulfillment such as maintaining good health, mentally and physically; even helping us succeed in some of our business undertakings, as well as uplifting us morally and spiritually, as it conforms to circumstances, considered particularly positive in nature; whereas a bad habit can be enslaving, being attuned to circumstances that could be destructive and alien to our well-being.

It is absolutely imperative to cultivate a good and desirable habit that relates to concepts that harmonize and balance our thinking with positive attitudes, as well as adapt to circumstances, proven to be beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

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The Overwhelming Mist

The Overwhelming Mist

The fading flower

Shivers in the breeze,

Retaining yet

Its texture of delight–

Petals falling,

scattered, swept away,

Disappearing fully,

out of sight.

So too, a human life,

Fading away in

A mist of density,

Surrounding it,

leaving not

But futile emptiness,

crumbling and


grounding it.

But, lo!

The fragrance of the flower

Does not fade,

Nor does the quintessence

Of human life, lived well,

for no density of mist

Can take away

that which it cannot

Truthfully expel.


The Paranoid Schizophrenic


He hears strange voices in his head

Wherein exist the evil forms

Of groundless fears and morbid dread –

Those unrelenting mental storms!

And like a schooner in a gale,

He moves but with a tattered sail.

There’s neither silence anywhere,

Nor harmony of time and space;

Mere pandemonium everywhere

With bitterness in every place

Where all the elements collide,

By which he never can abide.

He must escape the awful dread

Of doubt and apprehension now!

Still the voices in his head,

By every means, no matter how!

He knows no hell save that within

Himself alone; he knows no sin,

Except what constantly he hears

As undisputed facts of life;

He knows no wrong except his fears –

The inner depths of pain and strife,

Perceiving fantasies and shades

Of senseless images of Hades!










The structure of a building grand

Or humble must depend upon

A strong foundation on a land

With a blueprint clearly drawn.


Likewise, must the structure of

Human life depend upon

Perseverance, faith and love,

With persistence truly borne –


A foundation fit to bear

Life’s vicissitudes with prayer,

And with passing time retain

The quintessence of moral gain.