What Is Love

Love is:

A prop for the head,
For the eyes a visor;
For the weary a bed,
For taste an appetizer;

A rainbow arching
The sky of life;
A soldier marching
To a battle of strife.

A melody for
The soul to greet;
A welcome shore,
A haven, retreat.

A booster of heart,
A lifter of soul,
Both being parts
Of a wondrous Whole.

A soarer on wings
Hovering above –
All things earthly–
Such is Love.

Peace To The Shores

I see a group of gulls swooping down
from a clear, blue sky,
as if teasing the dolphins below,
adeptly performing their routine,
like clowns intent on stirring up
the calm upon the ocean surface,
tickling the summer wind that it may
blow with double vigor in order
to waft the aroma of peace
to the shores.

The Essential Ingredient

Too much laughter
without thinking
Of the other person’s tears;
Much bravado
with no feeling
For the other person’s fears;
Greed and selfishness
Needs he other person has
Serve to fray
the moral fabric
Our social order shares.

As the dough that
welcomes kneading
For the yeast to surely rise,
That it could be
firmer, fuller,
Well-regarded as a prize!
So is charity
to fortune –
Wealth and comfort, good and well!
When it rises
firm and proper,
It would in the end

Symphony Of Symphonies

Like a set of attuned bells
Chiming a soulful melody,
Love mus play its designated role,
And no arsenal of pain and death
Can be equipped to silence it,
As long as there is an audience
Willing to listen to its symphony
Of symphonies.

Humble Deeds

‘T is not enough to say we love,
Declare our faith in God above,
Merely express that we know and feel
Emotions that we don’t revel
Through actions being within our range
Of circumstances; think not strange
Of those that might appear untrue,
Unworthy of what we could do.

We might not walk the extra mile,
Or fashion our deeds with style
And blatant, wild publicity;
To touch a soul we need not be
Richly blessed with things galore –
Only our will and nothing more!