The Wide Scope Of Human Endeavors

Human beings are endowed with unlimited power to advance progressively, as manifested in the numerous areas of their existence, particularly when it concerns certain standards of conduct and behavior, sparked by an undying inborn spirit that propels achievements, spawning more and more achievements as time goes by, prompted by needs  that call for Encouragement, Compensation and Fulfillment

l) Encouragement:

Without this attribute, there can be no accomplishments that open the way for progressive developments in many areas of endeavors.


Going hand in hand with encouragement is compensation. With the sharpening of intellect that give birth to technology, the equilibrium and continuity of freedom are assured, thus motivating thoughts and actions affirmatively.


This should be considered as an attribute that completes the fulfillment of needs, upending values underlying the power that translates human endeavors to accomplishments, leaving no stone unturned in the way of attaining the desired objectives.



Elevated, highly rated,

patiently awaited,

no less, no more

than its attributes require;

forever strengthened,

true love doesn’t tire;

it may wait outside your door,

simple, unassuming,

now and as before;

it needs no grooming,

extending itself,

while warmly expected;

you cannot devalue it,

nor ever dissect it;

unabashedly resounding

fearlessly relative,

it advocates everything

divinely imperative,

while divine in its makeup,

superb in the shakeup

of hatred and fear;

explicit as far as

God’s order so clear!

skillfully lingering,

never malingering;

timelessly reigning

above all evil,

both in areas

criminal and civil.

Love doesn’t falter,

as clearly recorded;

Born of God’s precepts,

divinely applauded.

With no love unfurled

There would be

nothing but trouble

in this uncertain world,

as freedom can be

but trapped in a bubble.

You can ride the waves

of prosperity and peace,

feel the comfort

of luxury, too,

but you can’t override

storms of affliction,

and think you can get away

with all that you do,

but when love steps in,

you can conquer might;

transfer wrong to

basically right.

Accept love and let it


or sadly reject it

to vegetate.

All In A Nutshell

Lyrical Poem:

Nature’s windfall is when

The wind blows not wild,

And the summer breeze soft

And pleasurably mild;

When the ocean is calm

As calm can be,

And life is well-tempered

And consistently free!

The soul cries not

When the body is free,

And life seems forever

Unscathed, unbent;

The cares we experience

Seem naturally never

A burden to bear,

And the world organized

With heavenly care.

True love confirms

Humans are capable

Of being creatively fashioned,

Justifiably equal,

Living peacefully

With orderly finesse,

And with confidence

No less.

Climate Change

Referring to the pope’s encyclical with regard to climate change, it is also my view that at this point in time, there should be a concerted effort to try  and find a solution to the problem before it might be too late. The benign nature of our planet is beginning to alter its inherent characteristic.  It might not continue to tolerate the foibles of human beings who seem unconcerned about the future, in spite of the fact that we are already witnessing the devastation in certain parts of the United States that appear to be unprecedented.

No other planet would have accommodated us, considering our indifference. We seem to be more concerned about how best we can defy the warning signs, and less concerned about our survival.

The pope’s encyclical might have been prompted by the flooding in certain parts of the United States, which he considers as manifestations of warnings. When we think of the seemingly unlimited endurance of planet Earth and how fortunate we are to be spared the self-destruction so far, we should also be reminded that it is time for us, as human beings, to realize the fact that it might be too late before we finally wake up to reslity.