Get Rid Of Wrinkles The Oriental Way


We can deal with wrinkles the Oriental way, from the inside out. It is done all the time the way other minor problems are dealt with in oriental medicine.  Patients are taught a number of exercises designed to develop tone and symmetry in their faces and necks, including acupressure treatments.  The exercises can be done at home without any special training followed by acupressure outside of your home.

One of the exercises consists of massaging your face:  You can rub every part of your face and neck by using your fingertips, your thumbs and the palms of your hands.  According to oriental doctors, any kind of massage can help maximize stimulation and circulation. The exercise can help round out facial muscles, the symmetry of which is often lost in fixed and rigid expressions .

Oriental doctors in China emphasize the importance of living in a stress-free environment. They also point out that those who talk and laugh a lot seem to have fewer wrinkles.


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