Defining The Centrist Movement

The old adage, “United We Stand,” seems to have lost its significance, as far as this nation’s erstwhile ideals are concerned. There can be no constructive unity, as long as there is a sharp distinction between Democrats and Republicans. The common thread that runs through the makeup of our democracy needs to be realigned with principles of national importance, not only by way of patriotism, but also by way of working together toward the attainment of common objectives of freedom from economic problems, caused by self-interest and discrimination, and by espousing certain standards that call for common understanding. Instead, we are currently witnessing the long-overdue manifestation of discontent among voters whose pent-up feelings of anger and frustration seems to be bordering on some kind of socialism with which either candidate would have to contend. The Centrist Movement, while professing to be impartial, seems to have lost its direction. They appear to be sandwiched between two political extremes and overwhelmed by sheer numbers among Democrats and Republicans. The centrists are knocked off balance and seem to be in a quandary. They are being jostled while standing on the middle ground, and are presently unable to identify with the objectives of either party, both of which seem to be making statements that do not contain the core of reality for the immediate future.

There is also the likelihood that centrists may, in due course, veer from the path of impartiality and stray away into one camp or the other. This, in itself, may tilt the balance in favor of either candidate, regardless of what the polls may be presently revealing. The media, while showing no sign of letting up in their support for the leading candidate, may report a sudden turnaround, in spite of the remoteness of such a likelihood.

At this juncture, the feverish pace of the voting process seems mind-boggling, particularly when there are those that seem to attach little or no importance to a candidate’background. Voters are presently concerned about the economy and do not seem to care about specificity, as to how it can be set right, while giving a great deal of credence to the leading candidate’s assurances that change can be implemented soon after the election is over.

In this unusual electoral battle, the fact that the Centrist Movement may make all the difference in the final analysis, must be taken into consideration. The middle ground is out of bounds for those that are currently experiencing the feverish delirium of politics. Those that are yet undecided and seem to remain loyal to the Centrist Movement may very well cross the line and identify with either party, or maintain their reservation in the act of holding to their principles.


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