A Commentary On Snowden

Frank Snapp’s commentary  on Snowden in the L.A. Times recently was right on the mark , coinciding with my own opinion and observation regarding his traitorous act against his own country. What he did should have no bearing at all on the hue and cry of the government’s invasion of privacy, but rather, an endeavor to prevent future attacks by enemies that continue hatching plots to harm the United States, while trying to promote their own religious ideology.  Those that support him as being particularly patriotic ought to be cognizant of the fact that countries, such as China and Russia are also clandestinely engaged in a similar operation of spying, and who, in their own interest seemed to be vehemently aligned with what he had done.

For instance, imagine something of the same nature happened during World War II, the military strategies of the U.S.and its allies might have been compromised, and consequently, the Nazi regime would have enslaved the whole world.  It should not be forgotten, and history can adequately attest to this fact, that wars are waged not merely with arms and ammunition, but also with “weapons of spying.” 

Regrettably, there is an awkward sense of imbalance in the minds of those that think otherwise.  Mediocrity can be dangerous when its contagion spreads around haphazardly.

In the final analysis, Snowden’s treachery  was motivated diabolically and should not be afforded any amnesty.

We are still engaged in a long-drawn war with the Taliban and El Quiada, like it or not, who in their fanaticism, are considered to be the avowed enemies,not only of the United States, but also the majority of other democratic nations of the world.


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