Prerequisites To A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most important prerequisites to sleep is the habit of going to bed at the same time each night.  Doing this on a regular basis makes it easier to fall asleep sooner.  There are those that toss and turn, with their minds still active, before falling asleep, and those that never generally fall asleep when they keep tossing and turning. A healthy person, particularly a child, is usually sleepy at a certain time. The specific hour when this happens should be considered as the habitual prelude to falling asleep while in bed.  As we all know, the inability to fall asleep  is known as insomnia for which there is no permanent cure. Sleeping tablets become “crutches” in due course. These can never serve as substitutes for natural sleep.

There are things we can do that can help us fall asleep, such as relax before going to bed, exercise moderately, listen to soft music, drink a glass of warm milk or any kind of warm beverage, other than coffee. After getting into bed, a person  should begin breathing deeply and slowly.  Finding a comfortable position in bed is also important. A person may choose to sleep on his or her side, back or stomach. Comfort is the key to falling asleep quickly.

There are other prerequisites that should be considered, such as the room should be dark, the environment quiet and the bed firm. Sleeping on a soft bed is not conducive to falling asleep as it renders no support to the body, nor should the blankets be tucked in tightly.

The old saying, “one hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight,” the idea being that tossing and turning before falling asleep after midnight may not prove to be as natural as falling asleep right away. Regardless of how we may try to interpret such a saying, the need to do what we must, as a prelude to falling asleep, may serve as the one and only way that can supersede the intake of tablets that do nothing to fight the effects of insomnia, but become no less than “crutches,” in the long run.


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