The Importance of Vitamins and Supplements

There are people who are particularly obsessed with specific vitamins and supplements and are definitely on the right track. There is now ample evidence suggesting that certain vitamins and supplements can be highly beneficial and may even prevent colon cancer. Those that consistently do so, should continue to adhere to the regimen and not be misguided by unfounded reports and rumors that the right diet is the way to go for which there can be no substitute. Of course, there are people who take certain vitamins that are wrong for them, such as those that lack the essential nutrients. It is advisable to select specific vitamins and supplements upon the advice of a doctor, or a health professional, such as a pharmacist. Health stores are not always the best source for any professional advice, since their principal objective is to profit from sales, regardless of the efficacy of the product.

It is necessary for vitamins to disintegrate quickly and dissolve completely and should be time-released. Time release sounds like a great idea; however, consideration should be given to folic acid, which is a vitamin that helps prevent birth defects. It also reduces the incidence of heart disease and colon cancer when absorbed in the small intestine after it leaves the stomach and enters the bloodstream, as based on the finding of Stephen Hoag, PhD, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore.

The following is a list of vitamins and supplements that are highly beneficial:

Vitamin A Promotes healthy eyes and skin

Vitamin B-6 Makes antibodies that fight infection

Vitamin C Helps strengthen the immune system

Vitamin D Helps absorb calcium

Vitamin E Helps destroy radicals that cause heart disease

Vitamin K Helps clot blood

Thiamin Turns carbohydrates to energy

Riboflavin Energizes cells

Niacin Helps the body use sugars and fats

Folic Acid Makes perfect DNA in new cells

Vitamin B 12 Maintains healthy nerves

Iron Part of red blood cells carrying oxygen to the body

Iodine Part of a thyroid hormone regulating the burning of energy

Zinc Strengthens the immune system and heals wounds

Selenium Eliminates free radicals causing cancer

Copper Helps the immune system

Chromium Helps the body use blood sugar

Calcium Strengthens bones and fights high blood pressure

Magnesium Strengthens bones, nerves and muscles

Potassium Helps fight blood pressure

Emphasis should be put on the importance of sleep and exercise, such as walking at a brisk pace that helps circulation and may avoid strokes.


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