John James Audobon And The Audobon Societies

There are all kinds of birds to which bird-watchers are attracted as well as societies, such as the Audubon Societies, initiated by John James Audubon, an American artist and scientist who studied birds. He was born in 1785 in Haiti, which was then a French Colony, and was educated in France, but later settled in the United States where he began to demonstrate a great deal of interest in the study of birds. He lived in Kentucky from 1808 to 1826. As an artist, he made many drawings and paintings of wild birds.  He also painted portraits by which he made a living and wrote books about birds in America, which he published in England.

His book, titled “Birds Of America,” became a best-seller, catapulting him to fame while linking him with other societies that were involved in the study of ornithology. He returned to America in 1842 and lived in New York until his death in 1851.

In honor of Audubon, there are presently over 200 clubs, known as The Audubon Societies, involved in protecting and studying birds. John James Audubon’s interest in birds, together with the publication of his book, titled “Birds Of America,” marked the beginning of a study of birds, many of which are interesting and beautiful, attracting the gathering of bird-watchers all over the world, who generally go out of their way to locate rare birds that are seldom seen.

In order not to frighten certain rare birds, it is suggested that it is best to go bird-watching alone, wear a dull-colored clothing, and move very slowly and cautiously. It is also suggested that a 6-power binocular be used, in order to see the birds clearly without being too close.

There are some rare birds, never seen before. Such birds may venture beyond their unknown habitats, such as parks or even a private garden.

There are many books that describe birds with pictures in color, together with different habits and characteristics . Bird-watchers generally experience an unusual thrill when they see rare birds and, lo and behold, each time a single or a number of such birds are discovered, there are those that may even cancel all other appointments to visit the area where they can see them


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