A Page Out Of The Past

The term, dictatorship, as it exists today, had its beginnings in days gone by in a system known as feudalism that had its roots in Western Europe hundreds of years ago, when people were not allowed to think and act freely.  As we all know, a dictatorship is a form of government in which one man has the power to do just as he wishes with the country and the people that live in it, whereas feudalism as it existed in the past was considered to be an established right of a lord by way of birth and inheritance, commonly prevalent in Western Europe for as long as 1,500 years.


Unlike a feudal lord whose power emanated by way of his birth, a dictator can boast of no such beginnings, many of whom might have been born under conditions of poverty. 


In a feudal system as followed in Western Europe many years ago, those whose vocation was farming, had to be farmers throughout the rest of their life. If a person’s father was a farmer, his children would have to be farmers, too. People had to get permission from their lord in many areas of life, such as marriage, ownership of land, or changes in lifestyle. The lord that ruled over the farmers on his land was himself ruled by a more powerful lord, or by the king of the country.

In a system of dictatorship, people do not feel safe as the dictator can unjustifiably have him arrested and imprisoned; even tortured and executed.  Some of the most powerful dictators of modern times were Benito Mussolini in Italy, Adolph Hitler in Germany and Josef Stalin in the Soviet Union.


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