The Built-in Element Of Success

When we think of life as being precious, we must also consider the reason why we qualify it as being so.   Analogically, if we think of gold as being a metal of value, we must exploit its quality by capitalizing on its worth and extracting therefrom the benefits that are built into it.  As gold is mined from the depth of the earth, so is “life’s precious metal” mined from the depth of our being. The element of success is inherently within our power to achieve. The earth does not easily yield to mining precious metals from its depths, nor does life easily yield to extracting whatever we want from it. The axiom, “try, try, try again,”  is basically the same as “dig, dig, dig again” both of which are there for the taking, but not without the effort required to obtain the benefits therefrom.

We might keep trying and failing to get what we desire, but quitting before we try and try again would be an exercise in futility. There are those that think failure signals our limitations. It is a negative approach and a regrettable antithesis of the naked truth. Our mind and body are possessed with the potential not to surrender to failure in the same way we surrender to an incurable disease. Failure should not be the criterion that we must follow. It can be likened to a virus that is left to spread, instead of attacked and eliminated before another dose of effort can be injected into the spirit that must be quickened to perform its role again in the way it is meant to do so. 

Life is meaningful, the true meaning of which can be invalidated by doubt and fear, both of which can deliver a   “one-two punch” that can knock us down and leave us sprawling on the floor.  We should brace ourselves in our belief that the seeds of fulfillment must be fertilized with the ingredients of our efforts and not left to wither uselessly in their soil.


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