The Study of Home Economics

The study of home economics focuses on certain major aspects of the home, such as food, nutrition, clothing, textiles, family life, child development and interior design.  Professional home economists earn a college degree in this field of work. As a matter of fact, everyone qualified to run a home is a home economist, as long as he or she knows how to feed, clothe and care for a family, budget income and decorate the home attractively.

A home can be compared to a small business and, in order to be successful, it must be properly and systematically run.  Many colleges offer degrees in home economics. Actually, it is a field that prepares people for two careers at the same time: earning a living and managing their own home.

Home economists are generally hired by manufacturers to help develop new products for the home. There are those that need home economists to test recipes and foods before these are put on the market. Others hire them to write booklets and articles on subjects connected with home economy. There are home economists that work for the government where they are required to prepare booklets for the Department of Agriculture and other branches of the government.

A professional home economist may also become a dietitian and must be qualified in preparing, preserving and storing food, as well as becoming involved in the maintenance and promotion of good health by way of a balanced diet. There are home economists that are familiar with clothing and textiles, as well as different kinds of fibers that are used to make fabrics.

Home economists also get involved in the study of children at different age levels and provide information on the care and raising of children.

There are many branches of home economics that are included in separate categories.  All in all, the study can be compared to a river with many tributaries that owe their existence to the source from which they flow.


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