Two Peas In A Pod: Emphysema and Smoking

Emphysema and cigarette smoke are considered to be “allies” that can trigger lung problems, known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including asthma and chronic bronchitis, common symptoms being shortness of breath.  Damage to the alveoli (small air sacs in the lungs) causes the lungs to lose elasticity, resulting in difficulty to exhale, thus causing stale air to remain trapped in the lungs. Advanced emphysema can cause chronic coughing and wheezing as well as frequent discharge of sputum from the respiratory passages. It can also contribute to other problems such as lung infections including a condition known as erythrocytosis (high levels of red blood cells), as well as other symptoms, such as weakness, dizziness, fatigue, light-headedness, headache and vision problems.

The onset of symptoms of the dreaded disease does not happen early in life.  Generally, long-term smokers do not experience symptoms until middle age. Usually, the person’s inability to exercise or do any kind of heavy work signals the beginning of symptoms that remain initially subtle until it progresses to a point where the lungs get initially affected by low-level inflammation before it deteriorates to a chronic degree.

Studies have shown that in the United States about ten million adults are diagnosed with COPD every year and is considered as the fourth leading cause of death behind heart ailments, cancers and stroke.


l)) Stop smoking.

2) Consume onions and garlic daily.

3) Get regular exercise.  Do daily breathing exercises.

4) Avoid air pollution .

5) Avoid letting furry or feathered animals into your home or car as their hair can irritate the lungs.


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