A Brief Description of Comets

As we all know, a comet is a bright point of light surrounded by a cloud that softly glows. Its bright formation in the sky appears like a star. What is strange about comets is that they soon disappear after they appear, visible only for a few days or, perhaps, a year or two at the utmost.

There was a time when a comet’s sudden appearance and disappearance caused people to think that it was a divine message from God, warning of a catastrophe, such as a famine, disease or war.   In the year 1456, when a big comet suddenly appeared, people began praying to be forgiven. The prayer consisted of the following words: “Oh, God, save us from the devil, the Turk, and the comet.”  People then were at a loss to understand why and how it suddenly appeared until it was proven  by Edmund Halley that comets move around the sun. Since then, it was named Halley’s Comet. They soon realized that a comet’s timely appearance was an astronomical phenomenon and not one of divinity. When they began witnessing the return of other comets, they were convinced that their fear of comets was nothing short of ignorance that triggered their superstition.

The bright end of a comet is called the head, consisting of stone and iron pieces, each piece being about half a mile from the other pieces. The head of a comet is massive and much bigger than any of the planets, The tail of a comet consists of dust and gas, and is pointed away from the sun.

There are millions of comets that arouse the curiosity of astronomers who never fail to follow them with their telescopes each time they appear.


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