A Question of Limitations

Limitations do not necessarily serve as obstacles to progress in life when, in fact, one could cut pathways of possibilities through these, directed toward intended goals.  The word, “limitation” does not signify any kind of negativity, but rather, a sense of positivism with a message of affirmation.

While limitations could also be attributed to a lack of education and resolution in certain instances, these should not, by any means, remain trapped in cocoons of hopelessness, except for genuine, physical and mental disabilities. There are those that are somehow not inclined to better themselves, as well as those that were less fortunate  in their earlier life, at which time they could have turned around from their inertness and indolence, in order to make up for lost time, in the right direction.

The human brain is resilient and capable, under the right circumstances, to absorb any kind of knowledge intended and pursued through enthusiasm and constant endeavors.

Genetic limitations are such that, in most cases, the victims are unable to overcome their problems, such as autism, or any other deficiencies, mental or physical, although there are instances when autism are overcome over a period of time through therapy, depending on the victim’s persistance and endeavor.

In general, any kind of limitation, be it mental or physical, could be overcome, under certain circumstances, particularly at a younger age when the brain continues to be resilient enough to yield to therapy and when enthusiasm fortifies the person’s objective in the way of progress.


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