A Stigma In History

What really started the chasm between the United States and Iran is an impropriety, short of a declaration of war. The brazen act of militants storming the U. S. Embassy in Tehran , capturing American diplomats and holding them captive for 444 days cannot be forgotten. Those that seemed to silently rejoice and directly encourage Iran’s hostage-taking were the Soviet Union and their stooges, who not only seemed to savor such an act, but celebrated it. On the other hand, the Iranians were provided with resources that triggered their intransigence continuing to this day. 

It was a time when the United States were recovering from their defeat in Vietnam, triggering a series of events that affected Jimmy Carter’s presidency as well as the pivotal episodes in the history of U.S.-Iranian relations.

One of the underlying reason that triggered the break in the relationship, which nobody deemed proper to embark upon at the time, was the restoration of the Shah to the throne in 1953, much against the will of the Iranians, an event that infuriated them, causing them to vent their spleen whichever way they saw fit.  Hostage-taking is a crime that should not be condoned even by those that dislike Americans. An act, such as this could only happen in the dark ages of history when kings and despots controlled the lives of the people.

Iran’s nuclear program has become a medium of its assertiveness and a means of fighting back in the way of restoring its past prestige. One wonders if the people of Iran will ever change their belligerent attitude toward the United States, failing which there is no doubt that they would stray away even further from the center until they get bogged down in the quagmire of their isolation.

If the majority of the people of Iran continues to espouse the ideology advanced by the Mullahs, the possibility of getting back on track with the rest of the world would be even more remote.  Perhaps, there might come a time when there might be a shift in their thinking, which does not seem quite likely at present.


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