Little Drops Of Water And Tiny Grains Of Sand

Little drops of water and tiny grains of sand can make a mighty ocean and shape a pleasant land.  When asked as to where and when I learned to recite these lines, I answered. in no uncertain terms, that it was in pre-school, far back in time when, like any child, I was taught to memorize a number of nursery rhymes, such as the one above-titled.  This particular rhyme conveyed a moral message that was etched in my memory  but, at the same time, served as a supportive pillar that continues to inspire me to focus on the importance of not surrendering to any kind of negativity, in spite of failures to attain my long-nursed objective in life. These lines also remind me that if we walk the paths of endeavor, one step at a time, we might get closer to success with confidence and faith in ourselves, without losing sight of the particular objective that we should pursue.

The primary ingredients that can help spice up “a cocktail of efforts” are a mixture of patience, unflagging endeavors and undying determination, whipped up to be heady enough to induce the uplifting effect of stirring up our spirit, as we proceed in the direction of success, in spite of its remoteness.

As we all know, the key to any kind of success is determination, in spite of failures. Falling down does not mean that we should not get back on our feet . If we remain anchored along the shore of negativity, we tend to underestimate the inherent value of life’s compass that can direct us across the vast ocean of our endeavors. It may take longer than we expect.  One step at a time, just as the message conveyed by the above-titled nursery rhyme, should serve as the foundation upon which we can build our future and realize the fulfillment of our dreams.


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