The Exercise Of Effortless Efforts

A true friend can be a source of inspiration if we only know how to exploit such a privilege to our advantage.  I take this liberty to put a great deal of emphasis on such a fact that, not only can it be inculcated inspirationally, but also academically: I met that friend again this morning where, this time, our conversation began to weigh qualitatively on the scale of human values, some of which can be latent and need to be manifested outwardly. During this particular tete a tete, we began delving entirely on mental acuity that can be achieved if we only know how, one of which being the exercise of Effortless Efforts, in the way of achieving our goals, without thinking too much of the struggles that might ensue.  He explained, in no uncertain terms, the need to do our utmost, through channels of harmony, a theory he is presently expounding in a book of the same title which, in my estimation serves as a confirmation of an exercise in endeavor that does not stand on its own without pain and suffering  through channels of relaxation, instead of desperation and inconsistency.

The theory of such a conception is fraught with moral values that have the potential to keep us on a path that we have chosen, directed toward any objective that we are poised to pursue. The path, however, can never be simple to traverse but can be frustrating at intervals, but if we learn to maintain the equilibrium of our steady progress without surrendering to physical and mental anguish, the likelihood of arriving at any goal that we pursue might not be as remote as we think.

Effortless Effort might sound contradictory to some people, the practicality of which is something to which our body and mind can be relatively attuned.  As an example, we are advised to eat slowly and chew our food in order to prevent the onset of indigestion; so must we walk the path that is directed toward our objective without surrendering to desperation because of the struggles encountered on the way. 

The concept of Effortless Effort should, therefore be considered as an important aspect of tenacity that I consider to be an indispensable human value.


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