A Trend That Can Be Overcome

Studies have shown that men check out of life at least seven years before women do, the reason being that women generally take good care of themselves. Men are likely to delude themselves in their belief that they can do without paying attention to their body. There is a partial consensus of opinion on the part of those who think that the reason why women outlive men is attributable to their genes, but studies have shown otherwise. Actually, their seems to be fundamental errors in the male approach to health-care.

Studies have also shown that heart disease is the number one killer of men; nor does it mean that such a trend is not preventable. Unless the problem can be attributed to a propensity toward heart disease, there is no doubt that the problem might be attributed to a lack of discipline in the way of taking care of themselves medically and nutritionally

One of the important tips that men should follow is the necessity of maintaining an ideal weight, a low fat diet, exercise, stop smoking, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to desirable levels. It is the one and only regimen for staying healthy and it can be done to the exclusion of living a life of ease and indifference without the medication and nutrition they consider to be burdensome, the usual phrase being: “I feel fine, why should I see a doctor?”

In reality, those that think along the aforementioned lines are either too busy and preoccupied with other considerations or are too cheap. Such men seem to forget the adage: “Prevention is better than cure.” There are men that seem to be nonchalant as far as their smoking is concerned, while there are those that try to quit but go back to the cigarette before long.  Consequently, their lungs get damaged by a chronic illness, such as emphysema, asthma or bronchitis.  Also, lack of exercise encourages the onslaught of infection and other complications.

All in all, men should be made aware that their body is like the automobile they drive. It must be fueled constantly with the right kind of gas and well-maintained in order to function normally.


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