Reflection On Time

Time waits for no man is the usual saying that carries the message that we must treasure life as we grow older, as time passes us by. Everything that we do is measured by the length of time that it must take to do it, success or failure being the two factors that serves to decide our future. Time governs life, from the point of view of health and the effort that we apply to achieve our goals in life.

Some people seem to think that the concept of time is abstract and what might be destined, as far as life is concerned, could be overcome by the philosophy of auto-suggestion, meaning that the hazards of aging might be overcome by not thinking too much about getting older as time goes by. This is true in the case of those that retain the consistency of keeping in good shape. Those stricken by disease conceive time as being unkind as it fleets, and no amount of suggesting otherwise could serve any other purpose when the aging process continues to haunt their thinking. To many, time is so precious that it should not be frittered away.

In matters of business, the concept of time must play an inevitable role in the completion of the transaction concerned. Contractually, time is of the essence.  Within its framework, we must keep our thoughts and movements well directed toward our goals in life. The annals of history synchronize with the element of time and their records measured accordingly.

Nothing that human beings must perform in life, could be independent of time. Decisions are made, bearing in mind that time is a prime factor that must be taken into consideration. Our mortality is governed by the concept of time and so are the many aspects of our creativity in areas where we might or might not excel. Discoveries and explorations are also subject to the passing of time. The shelf life of certain foods are calculated in terms of time, the concept of which is considered to be indispensable in business and commerce.

It is important to uphold the concept of time when we are pressured by circumstances beyond our control. Making a living by working is based on the concept of time and the income derived therefrom is measured by the length of time in terms of how best we have utilized the concept of time.

For those that must be retired from work, the concept of time comes into play, particularly when the transition from work begins to affect an individual in terms of how best he or she could use time in order to embark on a lifestyle that must be governed by the concept of time.



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