The Foundarion Of True Friendship

The foundation of true friendship depends on how solid is the base on which it is set and whether or not it has been tested for strength and durability. True friendship encompasses understanding, mutual respect, confidence and integrity. Most importantly, there should be no lack of trust between friends and there must be a sense of reciprocation and readiness to help each other in an emergency. Egotism and self-interest might serve to break the bond of relationship between friends. True friendship must not be exploited to a point where either person might be pressured to do the bidding of the other. When this happens, it serves to dilute the essence of the meaning of friendship. A friend must be disposed to promote the benefit of the other if and when the need arises within certain limitations and not as a means of taking advantage of each other for the purpose of self-aggrandizement and profit. The notion that any kind of friendship could withstand the test of time is false. True friendship must be seasoned while maturing gradually, and should be maintained with the utmost care.

Time-tested friendship should be likened to a building that must be reinforced, so that it could stand on its foundation for as long as possible, the tools being the well-stocked components of kindness, amiability, confidence and trust. However, it is not uncommon for friendships to break or sour because of a misunderstanding. I have known steadfast friendships to break because of an unintentional indifference on the part of a friend. No space should be allowed for any kind of unreasonable suspicion between two friends. By this, one can assess the delicate nature of such a relationship that should not be taken for granted, even when it seems unlikely that they would at any time sever their relationship.

Trust is the key component that assures the continuance of friendship. It is an attribute that holds true, not only for friendship, but also for blood relationships such as between spouses and their families, and it does not have to be spelled out on a piece of paper. It emanates from the depth of ones being – an unwritten qualification that is, by itself, sufficient to arouse the feeling of goodwill between friends and those that depend on the preponderance of its significance.

It is, therefore, unquestionable that the foundation of true friendship must possess the power to withstand the weight that is built upon it.



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