How Do You Move On After The Death Of A Loved One

Grief can be painfully overwhelming, particularly when spouses live together for many years and one of them passes away, leaving the surviving spouse to suffer the excruciating misery of having to live alone, haunted by the memory of the departed spouse.The loss of a spouse, is hard to endure, particularly when the surviving spouse must live alone in the same house where the dead spouse’s belongings are around, such as clothing jewelry, photographs and other precious mementos that serve as a reminder of a past that is gone forever.

But, in many respects, time serves as the one and only healer of broken hearts when the aggrieved person must realize that the physical embodiment of the departed can only be replaced with the enduring bridge of memories that must be treasured forever.

Those of the Jewish faith commemorate the death of a loved one every year, on the exact date of the passing of the departed soul, coordinating with the date that is indicated in the Hebrew calendar. This tradition is more common among orthodox Jews. A special prayer, called “Kaddish” is recited in the temple. It is a prayer that praises the Creator for His enduring mercy that the soul of the departed be elevated to the level of eternal peace. The specific reason for this is: l) treasuring the memory of the departed; 2) humbly requesting the Creator to help free the soul from the limbo of uncertainty, after it had vacated the body.

While the pain of parting from a loved one can be excruciating, the mourner has no choice but to move on, while cherishing the memory of the departed soul. True love is eternal. Time cannot take it away. It belongs in a category all its own and stands unshaken by circumstances over which we have no control, such as death. The mourner must come to terms with reality and begin another chapter in his or her life – a chapter that is replete with the importance of living in the present, physically, mentally and spiritually, yet leaving no stone unturned in the way of cherishing the loving memory of the departed soul.


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