Fear And The Outcome Thereof

The outcome of fear can be failure in business, inability to adhere to domestic and work routine, uncertainty, lack of confidence and dread.  It becomes a constant impediment to success and can even adversely affect the health and well-being of a person.  It can elevate blood pressure, accelerate heartbeat and cause dizziness. it can also cause mental illness and other emotional problems, such as hypochondria .  Hypochondriacs think that they are sick when they are, in fact, healthy. They abstain from essential activities, and stay away from friends and family to the extent that they may even end up being isolated altogether.

Fear can be debilitating and may eventually cause schizophrenia.  In other words, those that are gripped by fear do not exist in the world of reality.  There is no way that they can conduct any kind of business, nor conduct other affairs that require concentration.   Doctors have concluded that fear is a psychological problem, but may become biological over a period of time. 

There are those that are extremely talented in what they do, but cannot realize their ambition because of fear: They imagine that if they focus too much on their objective, they would end up becoming sick.  Unlike any other disease that can be medically treated,  the cause of fear cannot exactly be pinpointed, since it is considered to be imagined. Yet, there are those that do eventually overcome such a problem by sheer willpower and self-help.  Nowadays,  it seems the progression of groundless fear has become even more difficult to overcome, because of stress, caused by circumstances beyond control. 

It takes a drastic turnaround to overcome fear. This can only happen by self-realization and self control, and by adherence to therapy.  There are drugs that can temporarily allay the severity of fear to some extent,  but, soon after the effect wears off, it comes back to control its victim.


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