Rules Of Etiquette

One of the moral values of life is etiquette. It is the responsibilityof parents to teach their children, such a value.  it being one of the requirements, reminding us that that we should treat other people politely. The rules of etiquette cover such things as good table manners, how to introduce one person to another, or what to say or do when someone invites us for a meal or a visit, and many other factors that are governed by such rules.

Some of the rules of etiquette seems ridiculous since these began hundreds of years ago when things were not the same as they are today. However, most of the rules are not silly, as these are based on the fact that we should never hurt other people’s feelings or make things unpleasant or uncomfortable for them. The key word is “kindness” as it is a part of good manners. The formality of good manners is a well-established rule in any refined society. Failure to abide by such rules reflects on the background and character of the individual. For example, when one must decline an invitation, the response should be: “I am sorry I am unable to come to your dinner next Thursday, for the reason that I have to be out of town that day. Sincerely.” Response to a formal invitation should generally be prompt.

As far as table manners are concerned, different countries have different “polite” ways to use the knife, fork and spoon, any one of which is all right, depending on the rules that are in keeping with that particular society. It is a general rule that prior to leaving any house in which you are a guest, you must thank the host or hostess.

There are some rules of etiquette that seem antiquated, but the ones that are matters of good taste, kindness and simple good manners should be observed. Rules of etiquette are not taught in schools where other subjects are taught. Parents or guardians are required to teach good manners. They should also set a good example by acting likewise and doing whatever is morally and socially appropriate. Home is the place where character-building begins, one of which being the importance of observing the rules of etiquette.


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