There seems to be a great deal of enthusiasm about rebuilding Gaza, but none whatsoever about reassessing the futility of the ideology of Hamas with which Israel must continue to contend, since there does not seem to be any military solution, nor the realization that religious fanaticism could, over a period of time, serve any purpose, except create a situation whereby Palestinians would continue to remain stateless.

There are those, such as Saudi Arabia, that have already expressed a willingness to invest billions of dollars to rebuild Gaza, only to be destroyed again in the event of another war.  In spite of the devastation and the deprivation that it continues to suffer, Hamas has ridiculously proclaimed a victory.   It makes no sense, particularly when its leaders are fully aware that the State of Israel is a permanent entity.  Its bravado, however, stems from the fact that the United Nations have once again come to its rescue, and the wealthy Arab nations, including Iran,  are ready, willing and able to continue fighting their proxy wars against Israel.


Civilians are cannon-fodders in Gaza.  Hamas is using them as instruments to serve only one purpose and that is to arouse international concern, and kindle the ire of millions of Muslims, including pro-Arab nations, such as Venezuela and Bolivia.  The sacrifice of civilians that serve as shields, is considered to be a weapon in itself, that has so far worked for Hamas, regardless of the tragedy.


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