Good And Evil

There is, as we all know, a sharp line of distinction between good and evil.  Biologically, we are endowed with a choice to do what we please.  When we decide to opt for good, we should expect no material compensation, except when the good that we choose happens to be commercially intended to benefit humanity for whom there should be an understandably fair compensation, but when we opt for doing anything considered to be evil, we violate the spirit within us that is actually inborn and programmed for the performance of good deeds that may not be monetary in nature, but in ways that can help those in need. 

There may be instances when evil can be mistaken for good; however, it behooves us to think seriously before we decide to act on it, such as having second thoughts or seeking advice from those that may be in a position to reinforce our decision, or caution us about the adverse effect of a wrong decision.  For example,  the horrors of abuses attributed to religion serve as a departure from the exclusivity of good expressed in all the holy books of religion yet, those that feign to be guided by it literally, tend to corrupt the true significance of its advocacy, such as the heinous actions of suicide bombers that kill innocent people.  Killing oneself and others in the process, is definitely anti-religion, and does not serve the true purpose of any religious doctrine, nor does it lead to any earthly or heavenly solution. 

There are instances of greed and corruption among those in government. Temptation to do evil can even engulf those that are supposed to contribute to the good of the country, but sadly there are those that use their privileged positions to satisfy their lust for money and power. Yet, there are those that perform brilliantly in the way of good deeds in positions of trust and goodwill, considered to be commendable.

Vicarious acts of benevolence in all areas of human endeavors are likely to produce a whole gamut of success, not only for others but also for themselves. The powerful wings of virtue can soar above the clouds, but those of evil are somehow restricted to a limited altitude.


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