Knee Pain And Injury

About 40 million people in the United States suffer from knee pain and injury every year, mostly because of strenuous activities, apart from aging. There are countless activities that has become a part of our culture. The list  is endless.  There are actually 187 joints in our body, of which the knee is designed  to be susceptible to suffering. Statistics reveal that most of the automobile accidents cause knee injuries, apart from slippery and uneven sidewalks, climbing stairs and scrubbing floors.

Without question, the knee wasn’t designed for certain sports, such as football and soccer, nor for accidents, squatting and kneeling all day long, including the stress placed on it by a person’s body weight. Studies have shown that a person’s weight can also contribute to knee problems.

As if the abuse to the knee, caused by injury, is not enough. Some knee braces and wraps can push your kneecap into the joint, causing more harm than good. There are lotions that produce heat which can serve as instant relievers, provided you do not burn your skin.  The common choice that you should consider is the availability of painkillers, recommended to reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that ibuprofen can improve joint mobility and is considered to be more effective than other painkillers .

What holds the knee together are muscles and ligaments, considered to the supporting structures. Building the muscles with exercise is necessary.  However, do not exercise without being medically informed as to the kind of exercise that is highly recommended.


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