Motion Sickness: Symptoms – Prevention

Motion Sickness is a problem that causes the eyes, sensory nerves, and the vestibular apparatus of the ear to send conflicting signals to the brain, resulting in the loss of equilibrium, known as vertigo. Those that are susceptible to the problem  usually experience it in a car, on an airplane, train, boat, elevator or swing. There are certain factors  that contribute to such an experience, some of which being anxiety, genetics, overeating, poor ventilation and traveling immediately after eating.

Generally, susceptibility to motion sickness can be quickened by offensive odors, sights, or sounds. Studies have shown that women are generally affected by this condition more frequently than men are. Those that are generally not affected are elderly people and children under the age of two.

Symptoms are as follows:

Severe headache, queasiness, nausea, vomiting, cold sweats, dizziness, excessive salivation, pallor, distress, sleepiness and weakness. 

Occasionally people can get injured because of loss of balance and coordination. The experience can cause severe depression, dehydration as well as low blood pressure. At the same time, the problem can worsen another illness that people may have.

While there are remedies for Motion Sickness, bear in mind, it is far better to prevent it than cure it.  The natural remedies are as follows:

l) Ginger:  It helps suppress nausea and prevents an upset stomach.  2) Peppermint tea:  It helps soothe and calm the stomach. A drop of peppermint oil on the tongue can easily provide relief from nausea.  3) Whole Grain Crackers:  Take these with you when on your trip.  4) Olives: It helps prevent nausea attacks.  5) Avoid foods that you think are triggering attacks. 6) Avoid alcohol, odors and aromas.

To some extent Motion Sickness is psychological and in many cases, it can be prevented.


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