Ear Infection Affecting Children

Seventy-five percent of all children are generally susceptible to ear infection by the age of three. The ear canal becomes inflamed and swollen, with symptoms, such as fever, discharge from the ear, as well as throbbing earache that worsens when the earlobe is touched. Infection of the middle ear, in particular, known as otitis media, are common, as far as infants are concerned, the location of the infection  being behind the eardrum. The infection can also perforate the eardrum and cause some hearing loss and fluid discharge from the ear.  Earache occurs when babies begin teething.  Cigarette smoke could contribute to ear problems in children.


1)  A few drops of warm garlic or olive oil in the ear could help alleviate pain, after which the ear should be plugged gently with a ball of cotton.

2) Adults, experiencing continuous ringing in the ears should mix one teaspoonful of salt and one teaspoonful of glycerin (sold in drugstores) in one pint of warm water to alleviate the pain.

3)  Earache tablets is a homeopathic combination that could ease the pain and reduce fever. 

4)   You are advised not to blow your nose if you have an ear infection.

5)    If you experience symptoms of dizziness, ear ringing, bloody discharge or hearing loss in one or both ears,  you should contact your health provider immediately, for the reason that symptoms, such as these, might indicate a ruptured eardrum.

Usually, a perforated eardrum might heal naturally with no permanent loss of hearing.

Babies that are breast-fed, in most cases, might not be susceptible to ear infections. while those that are bottle-fed are mostly susceptible.


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