Free Radicals

What causes harm to the body are free radicals that can be overcome by antioxidants. Free radicals are known to be atoms or groups of atoms that can damage cells, impair the immune system and trigger infections and problems, such as heart disease and cancer. But there is a sure way to avoid such problems if we do not miss out on the one and only avenue in the way of preventing such calamities by letting antioxidants help us fight and conquer the sworn enemies that try to invade our body.

There are many kinds of free radicals, such as superoxide, hydroxyl, hypochloride, hydrogen peroxide, lipid peroxide and nitric, all of which may be formed by exposure to radiation, exposure to the sun’s rays and toxic chemicals, such as those that are present in cigarette smoke, polluted air, as well as industrial and household chemicals.

We should be thankful that our body is normally protected by the action of free radical scavengers, the function of which is to neutralize free radicals; however, the function of such scavengers are limited and consequently overwhelmed by the adverse effect of free radicals when the body becomes weakened by neglect and indifference. 

There are many antioxidants that can be obtained from food sources, such as sprouted grain, fresh fruits and vegetables; however, it is not possible to get enough of these.  Therefore, the only alternative that can serve the purpose are the taking of supplements, such as bilberry, co-enzyme Q-10, flavonoids, garlic, selenium, vitamins A and C.

As we continue aging, the need to fight free radicals becomes more and more urgent, particularly when the environment in which we exist may not be conducive to our health and welfare.


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