The Power Of Love

Love is everywhere. We do not have to search for it, nor is it taken away from us. Its power is permanent. It is the anchor of life, the quint-essence of our freedom. It is our right-of-way through which we must maneuver our movements, as we follow the signs, and try to steer clear of obstacles and impediments of evil. No doubt, the forces of hate and malice are all around us, but these are somehow neutralized by the power of love, so that we may not stumble, as we navigate the ups and downs of life; we may assume that the menace of hate and calamity seems insurmountable; we may feel disheartened, as we age; we may at times be depressed and feel the sharp edge of despair. But we must not forget that, between the cradle and the grave, life is preconditioned to fall back on love, under all circumstances.

Love begins to illuminate life before the birth of a baby and after it is born. The meticulousness and care on the part of doctors and nurses help the mother give birth to her baby and the care it receives after its is born, both from its mother and from attendants around; the interest and enthusiasm on the part of parents and teachers in the way of rearing and educating a child; the selfless endeavors of parents and guardians to maintain the child’s education through the years, leading to manhood; the concern for the aged, on the part of families and friends, including doctors and nurses, and all the way to the end, when life begins to ebb and love continues to exercise its force and function, even after death.

Love is ubiquitous, in spite of the feeling of hopelessness. Nothing that we do can be achieved without love. Objectives cannot be fulfilled without the zest and spirit that drive people to heights of success. The flame of aspiration and desire remains unextinguished through determination, emanating from love. Charity and other good deeds, monetary and otherwise, are performed by way of love.

The foundation of religion is love, not fanaticism and hatred. The need for religion is not merely for the sake of religion itself, but for the manifestation of love that it advocates. When religion preaches hostility and hatred and abuses its tenets of human values, it does not fulfill the purpose for which it exists. The reality of love is not abstract or obscure, but revealing and relative.

Love can be seen in Nature that is wondrous and fulfilling. The all-embracing power of love sustains our planet in ways of which we are not aware. There is no peace in the absence of love, immeasurable and infinite.


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