Paget’s Disease – Helpful Tips

Excessive bone degeneration, often affecting the bones of the pelvis, spine, thighs, skull, hips, shins and upper arms inflicts more than 3 percent of Americans over forty years of age.  It is known as Paget’s Disease, named for Sir James Paget who was the first to discover its chronic nature. The diseases causes bones to enlarge, resulting in pain, arthritis, deformities and susceptibility to fractures.

Initially, in the early stages, the disease reveals no symptoms whatsoever, except for the feeling of mild pain in areas of the affected bones, before it begins to progress and become severe and persistent, particularly at night, worsening as time goes by.  The disease can also cause neck and back pain, stiffness, a warming sensation of the skin over the areas affected, and possibly sudden bone fractures, loss of hearing, headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, as well as impaired mobility.. Deformities occur in the nature of bowed legs. a barrel-shaped chest, bent spine and perhaps an enlarged forehead. pressure, and gout..

Other than the aforementioned problems, there are complications that follow, such as  kidney stones, blindness, caused by pressure on the brain ,as well as high blood pressure. More problems might occur, such as osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and cardiac failure.

The disease shows no significant symptoms in the early stages and is not detected until it gets discovered by accident when x-rays and blood tests taken for other reasons reveal its severity.

Researchers do not attribute the problem to genes, but perhaps some sort of viral infection as the actual culprit.


Eat plenty of calcium-rich foods, brewer’s yeast, buttermilk, carob, goat’s milk, leafy greens, salmon, sardines, tofu and yogurt,  papaya, pineapple, Garlic and fruits. In addition, regular exercise is recommended in order to counteract mobility.  Sleep on a firm mattress in order to prevent a spinal deformity.

Regular medical checkups are needed to screen for cancer and hearing loss.


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