What Does It Mean To Be A United States Citizen

To be a United States citizen is to enjoy freedom in general. At all times, good or bad, the rewards gained by being a part of the fabric of this country’s multifaceted democracy are undeniably unparalleled, regardless of economic and political setbacks. No country is entirely infallible. Freedom in the United States does not means that its citizens are exempt from being subject to problems that occur from time to time, which, by the way, does not nullify the privileges that its citizens exercise and continue to enjoy. What we are witnessing today is not the gloom and doom of our basic freedom. There are those outside of our borders who are still working hard to legally immigrate to the United States, for the reason that this is where things can happen, in spite of economic reversals. Historically, the resilience of the United States is well- known. Its ability to turn things around has made it one of the world’s most resourceful democracies.

In spite of weaknesses in certain areas, the United States stands firm on principles that are expressively incorporated in its Constitution. Its system of justice is established along the lines that were advocated and enforced by its founding fathers. Nobody is above the law and no corruption in any branch of its administration is tolerated. The instruments of law are used under all circumstances. As an example, after years of denying the right of habeas-corpus to prisoners in Guantanamo, a majority of judges finally ruled that, in keeping with the United States Constitution, such prisoners are entitled to appeal their detention, in spite of the severity of their crime, proving thereby that, regardless of the length of time that it had taken for the invocation of such a law, the judges have found it fit to declare that its application must include even America’s sworn enemies.

There is presently a deep sense of disagreement between Republicans and Democrats, but, as Americans, the need to consolidate our freedom remains the same. The difference is the method of approach to problems, the common objective being the necessary circumvention of obstacles that is the concern of all U.S. citizens. It is the right of every citizen to express his or her opinion, for or against candidates, espousing diverse views, which is a form of freedom in itself. It is one of the many privileges that citizens of the United States enjoy, and no adversity, economic or political, could adulterate the essence of this time-honored freedom.


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