Pure Happiness


 No money,

          nor any other physical fulfillment,

Nor fancies

          that pass like bursting bubbles,

Nor recognition

            of those in high places,

Who for special favors,

            seek and find,

Nor accolades

             of contest-winning damsels

Bedecked with embellishments of

               tinseled artificialities,

Contrary to

                the unglorified simplicities of love,

Can ignite

                  any happiness, plain and simple,

Nor frills of publicity match

                    the pure happiness

Of an innocent child.




Awesome! And thanks for connecting. Incidentally, as you might be aware, I am a novelist, with three novels to my credit, titled, ALL ABOUT BRIAN, THE LION AND THE SUN, BETTER LAZTE THAN NEVER. Please join my network and keep up the good work.

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