Some Tips On How To Be Frugal

In these economically-depressed times, frugality has become the one and only key to living. The following is a calculated recipe to be frugal when you have to ride the waves of a sliding economy: l)  If you are retired or unemployed, you do not have to drive your car more than it is absolutely necessary.

2) If you are working, take the bus to work and back, if possible; or, if you must drive, do so only to work and back, unless you are required to use your car on errands of emergency

3) At all times, try to use your car sparingly, in order to derive a cheaper insurance coverage.

4) Try to walk to the supermarket or shopping center close to your home. By so doing, you save on gas, and at the same time. get the exercise you need.

5) Try eating at home more frequently, instead of a restaurant 
6) Develop the habit of using discount coupons when you are shopping, 7) Save your cents, dimes, quarters and pennies. Let it all add up before you change these to dollars, or, if it is more convenient, you may use the service of a Coin Star Machine, located in some supermarkets.  A handful of change that seem trivial may add up to dollars that you least expect.    

Adjusting to certain circumstances are sometimes necessary in order to survive the onslaught of a depressed economy.   

Also By Maurice D. Sassoon:



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