Excess And Moderation


There is no need at all to run

When merely walking in the sun

Of life provides a wealth of fun,

But should there come a time to rush,

Or feel the bristle of the brush

Of stress and tension far too much,

Switch back to where the path is clear

Where softer scenes should reappear

In unpretentious atmosphere.

The wide and unrestricted field

Of moderation serves to yield

 Much power no excess might wield,

When such excess might fall prey

To troubles drawn up in array

To hold a firm, decisive sway

 Over measures thickly overlaid

  With ostentation and parade —

   Roles of grandeur overplayed.




Awesome! And thanks for connecting. Incidentally, as you might be aware, I am a novelist, with three novels to my credit, titled, ALL ABOUT BRIAN, THE LION AND THE SUN, BETTER LAZTE THAN NEVER. Please join my network and keep up the good work.

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