Hip Pain and Hip Fractures.

Hip fractures are common among women whose bones become brittle over a period of time. The problem could be genetic or because of self-negligence, such as failure to treat oneself with a regular regimen of calcium, as well as certain drugs that help produce bone density in order to avoid any fracture at a certain period in a woman’s life. Hip pain could be caused by strain around the hip area as a result of arthritis, or could be a signal that perhaps a fall might lead to a hip fracture if the problem is not necessarily treated by a regular intake of calcium or any dietary supplement, such as Glucosamine Chondroitin with Controlled Release, a bone density tablet, proved to be particularly effective.

Absorption of bone could cause the tissue to become porous. At this stage, a steady dose of bone-density tablets might help prevent a fracture.

It is important to indulge in light calisthenics at home in order to strengthen muscles and bones. Exercise should include brisk walking everyday so that the area around the hips could continue to function normally.

Improper posture could result in hip pain. Constant sedentary work could also retard the circulation around the hip, causing sudden stabs of pain from time to time. Sleeping on a soft, uneven mattress could also contribute to hip pain.

Based on my experience with my mother’s osteoporis and hip fracture, I must reiterate the importance of being particularly aware that the disease could inflict women who are mostly genetically subject to the problem. Surprisingly, she did not fall. It happened suddenly at home while walking.

Any kind of pain is bad enough but hip pain could be gnawing and could interfere with the free and normal movement of a sufferer. Pain relieving gels could temporarily allay the pain, but does not eliminate the root cause.

Understanding the importance of exercise is the beginning of an awareness of oneself. There are many aspects of work that are inevitable, such as those in an office where sitting at the desk for hours could affect the circulation, as a result of which one could experience hip pain. Most people are not cognizant of the fact that aging could take away part or most of the normal function of the hips. The process could be slowed down to a large extent by exercise and the intake of supplements, such as calcium.

Whether we like it or not, the stress and strain to which we are subjected could adversely affect our body, hips being particularly vulnerable to excruciating pains. We can slow it down or eliminate it by doing what is necessary to maintain our well-being.


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