Masons And Freemasonry

My father used to be a Freemason in Rangoon, British Burma, extending his membership in Calcutta, India. He worked hard in the way of promotion and finally rose to become a Worshipful Master. He would often tell me that there are Freemasonry secrets that he would never divulge, having taken an oath not to reveal anything outside the confines of the brotherhood. He would tell me that there is a lot about Freemasonry that dwells on certain biblical facts, such as the Temple that King Solomon had built and what it had represented at a time when Judaism had reached the peak of its glory as a religion. But, by no means, is Freemasonry a religion.

There are many degrees in Freemasonry and a member would have to gradually ascend to the highest degree to merit the accolade of being an important member of the secretive society.

There is no doubt that Freemasons consider every member to be a brother and do help one another in time of need. There are certain symbols (ornaments, such as rings) that indicate the rank of a member.

Freemasonry began more than six hundred years ago and is acknowledged as one of the most revered societies in which a deep sense of brotherhood prevails.

Most lodges use the Scottish rite in which a 33rd degree mason is the highest. Women are not allowed to be Masons, but may belong to the Order of the Eastern Star, a separate society connected with Freemasons.

Masonic societies in America support good deeds and value freedom and equality. They raise money for research and embrace virtues incorporated in the bible. Masons hold meetings from time to time and invite family members who are entertained.

There are millions of Masons outside America. Not all of them agree with the views of American lodges where there is an open Bible on the lodge room’s alter during meetings.

Masons wear aprons that look like the working clothes of the old stonemasons and repeat secret words that have been handed down from Mason to Mason for hundreds of years.

Members are engaged in private, philanthropic work and are bound by rules governing their membership. All in all, it is a society that prides itself on certain qualities that are attributed to such an ancient entity where members are bonded in the spirit of a fraternity that singles itself as being highly reputable.


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