A Dilemma

The night gets scary — not because of the darkness, but for the anticipated struggle in bed. You have worked hard on your job and feel somewhat exhausted physically, but, hey, it’s not your body that bothers you but the whispers that you hear in your head: Can you do it?  You are not alone in this battle to assert your manliness. The numbers are countless, except that the problem remains mostly suppressed within those that  experience the malady of impotence from time to time. But tonight, you feel you are ready to break the spell, while she tries hard to demonstrate her interest by initiating the prelude of uncorking your favorite wine. Dinner follows, with particular emphasis on your positive state of mind, until she slips behind you, kissing you neck, while endeavoring her utmost to work you up to a frenzy. And, I forgot to mention the flowers that you purchased and handed to her, while she was awaiting your arrival.

Studies have shown that an estimated ten million men experience episodes of impotence. Experts have come to the conclusion that the problem might be attributed to the psyche and that half of all impotent men might perhaps have a known or unknown physical problem for which there is a solution, as follows:

The Time Factor:

Bear in mind, as a man gets older, erection might slow down or even slacken to a halt.  For those that are younger, it might take a few seconds. The normal consequence of aging might be the culprit that causes the frustration.


Certain drugs, prescribed by your doctor, might serve as the root cause of the problem, or those over-the-counter, such as antihistamines, diuretics, or sedatives that you are using.  There are about two hundred drugs that can induce impotence for those in their fifties and beyond.  Dosages of the medications you are taking should be changed or switched; however, without consulting your doctor, you should not do these yourself.

The Real Culprits:

There are trouble-makers, such as cocaine, marijuana, opiates, heroin, morphine, amphetamines and barbiturates. These can cause havoc to your psyche and state of mind.


Avoid alcohol. It serves to inhibit your reflexes which is the opposite of arousal.


Stay away from cigarettes. Inhalation of smoke blocks erection.


Try to have a relaxed frame of mind.  Stress and tension can never be enhancers of potency.


Do not be silent while you feel incapable of sex. Talk to your partner and try to extend the necessity of love-making in a different way. Do not let the absence or lack of erection preclude your intimacy.

Finally, be aware that you are not alone, nor should the problem be considered a crisis in your life.


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