Corroboration Of A Previous Commentary

I have, not long ago, emphasized a particular fact, now being widely circulated, it being that Putin of Russia hasn’t yet changed his KGB personality. His attitude toward America can be considered as a re-visitation of what used to be when Communism had practically swallowed a portion of the Continent of Europe and when its relationship with the United States lingered  on “frozen ice.” There is no doubt that the man’s dislike of America is clearly reflected in his strange and uncompromising attitude, one of which being his a-political approach, not only as far as Snowden is concerned, but also his courtship with the present regime of Assad and the fanatical ideology of the Mullah’s of Iran. Now, his land-grab of Crimea from Ukraine underlines my previous comment, characterizing his personality as being nothing short of abnormal, not only in the equation of our modern-day politics, but also as far as his fearless, egotistical and highly irregular mannerism of a man of a past when monarchs were licensed to do as they pleased.

I agree with the comment that the cold war hasn’t yet ended. I also firmly believe that his mannerism might, in due course, reveal his other face when the mask it wears is finally removed, and World War III would once more be reminiscent of one of the most chaotic periods in the history of the civilized world.


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