Workings Of The Human Mind

The human mind is the one and only wellspring of our emotions and the source of things of value that are essentially attuned to positive realities, in spite of which it can also be tilted toward ideas of negativism at any time, under circumstances alien to its intrinsic makeup.  According to the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, the study of what is right and what is wrong is based on a rule that he called  “categorical imperative.”  In other words, we should act as we think anyone with a sane mind ought to act in similar situations, and we should never allow ourselves to make any kind of exception merely to suit our interest that runs contrary to the known values of life. His philosophy is as close as we can get to the principle of the Golden Rule.

Unfortunately, there are those that get diverted by indoctrinations of negativism that might result in their own self-destruction, as a consequence of a contorted thinking that does not belong to the intrinsic nature of the human mind.

As an example, the precepts advocated by religion that were once attributed to the intrinsic values of life and considered as a legacy for posterity, such as love, tolerance and truth, are being regrettably adulterated by misconceptions that cause widespread mayhem in this modern world, resulting in the ultimate undoing of the perpetrators themselves.

Socrates put a great deal of emphasis on the virtues of good thinking, emanating from the human mind, such as a predisposition to justice as well as the indispensable rules of logic and sound reasoning.

The human mind that controls the human body cannot control human activities though the mind can help restore the regularities of life through consequences confronting those that choose to act out their abnormal thinking one way or the other.


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