Racism and Bigotry

Racism and bigotry remain rooted in certain societies and cultures of the world, ever since humans had inherited this earth. The difference between racism and bigotry in the United States and those that exist in the rest of the world is obvious: The complaint that such a problem in the United States continues to rear its ugly head should remind us that, no matter how loud the complaint gets, it just cannot be entirely eradicated altogether.  It has become a way of life, since the beginning of civilization, and regardless of how hard we may try to get it entirely out of our way, the futility of our endeavors is becoming more and more obvious.  Racism continues to be a defiant and persistent problem throughout the world, let alone the United States.  The clearly-recorded bigoted remarks of Donald Sterling against blacks amply confirms my opinion, and there are numerous other people who dare not verbalize their feelings, but are nonetheless driven by an intense bias that began in the past and keeps progressing in the present and will, no doubt, persist in the future, mitigated to some extent. but may get publicly articulated occasionally.

The difference between racism in the United States and the rest of the world  is how it is mirrored.. Racism is considered to be an anathema in the United States mainly because of the fact that it began with slavery in its early years, out of which the trauma of being unlawfully controlled has not as yet lost its edge, whereas racism in other parts of the world is accepted as a way of life, potent enough to be, in fact, more lethal as time goes by. For example, the extermination of six million Jews in Europe should be considered as an outcropping of racism and antisemitism. It happened because of the absence of any forceful civil rights law that could have been instrumental in perhaps preventing a calamity of that nature.

Racism in the United States is diluted to the extent that it remains powerless. We hear it echoed from time to time, merely because we have become more conscious of our civil rights. However, we should be reminded that racism cannot by itself disappear as long as there are bigots. Bigotry remains camouflaged. While there are those that espouse certain ideologies that may not be expressed publicly, there are some bigots that dare to express their feelings indirectly by way of insinuations. Nevertheless, the messages conveyed may be racially motivated.

In conclusion, racism cannot be uprooted, in spite of our endeavors to do so, and no law that forbids its continuance, can be potent enough to prevent it, as long as it does not engage in violence.


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