A Sketchy History Of The White House

The White House is home of the President of the United States, in Washington, D.C. It is a large, stately mansion that is surrounded by lawns and gardens. An architect named James Hoban designed it in 1792. The building was finished in the year 1799.

John Adams was the first President to live in the house. It is also known as the Executive Mansion, for the reason that the President is the Chief Executive of the United States. The address of the White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is famous throughout the world. The White House was originally built with walls of gray Virginia stone. In the year 1814, when the war was being fought between the United States and Great Britain, the White House was captured and burned by the British army. Only the outside stonewall was left standing. It was rebuilt and painted white in order to conceal the marks of fire on the stonewalls. The building was known as the White House ever since.

Two wings, containing offices, have been added to the original building. These are used as office space for the President. Later, a swimming pool was added to the west wing when President Roosevelt was President. During President Truman’s administration, the building was found to be unsafe to live in. Some of walls and floors were in danger of collapsing, as a result of which, President Truman and his family moved to Blair House, a government-owned mansion across the street, where they lived for several months. Blair House is usually used to entertain important visitors from foreign countries. Most of the interior of the White House was repaired while President Truman lived in Blair House.. The outside appearance of the building was hardly changed at all, but the inside was rebuilt so that it differs very little from its former arrangement. It was completely modernized, and the bathrooms and kitchens were also made modern.

Many important state dinners take place in the White House, as well certain functions and entertainments that are organized by the President and the First Lady. There are also many famous rooms in this beautiful mansion, such as the Oval Room, the Blue Room, the state dining room, and the President’s study. From time to time, guests are received in the White House where he conducts his business and where he delivers his speeches from his study. During Easter, many children are invited to join the President and the First Lady in an egg-rolling contest on the lawn of the White House.




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