What One May Not Know

Studies have concluded that what is good for the arteries is also good for the organs of the entire body, including ones penis, it being a vascular organ, dependent on factors that help stimulate its function. Studies, in this regard, also reveal that, as one grows older, particularly after the age of forty, the arteries of the penis begin to narrow down. As we all know, a normal cholesterol level, not only can help prevent heart attacks and strokes, but can also prevent inhibition of the erectile tissue. Another factor, overlooked by many, is the adverse effect of excessive exercise, as it somehow tends to blunt the stimulation needed to consummate an intercourse.

Another factor that may contribute to the lack of stimulation, needed to activate the process of sexual intercourse, is the overuse of prescription drugs, or the random use of over-the-counter medication, such as antihistamines, diuretics, and sedatives. Statistics reveal that there are over 200 drugs, identified as being problematic. Recreational drugs can also be trouble-makers, such as marijuana, opiates, heroin, morphine, amphetamines and barbiturates. Another trouble-maker is alcohol. It is known to provoke desire, but takes away its fulfillment.

The body needs relaxation that is crucial to the nervous system, as it directs the arteries to expand  and maintain an uninterrupted blood-flow.

In conclusion, any kind of indulgence that is alien to the normal function of ones body should be taken seriously; however, there may be circumstances that may not be entirely preventable, such as the intake of certain prescription drugs.or medication that are routinely prescribed by doctors, as well as those purchased over the counter and, if possible, find alternatives, considered to be equally effective but safer.



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