Mother’s Day

As we all know, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year almost religiously, but there are those that may not be aware as to when and how it began. As we also know, it is observed with a great deal of enthusiasm and emotion, symbolizing the undeniable importance of motherhood that encompasses love, a linkage with the time-honored aspects of cohesiveness in the makeup of a family, as well as the source from whom the pleasure of being tenderly reared with patience and utmost care is derived and spontaneously maintained.

It is the one and only day when we express our satisfaction with the experience of feeling proud, knowing that, regardless of our age and status, we individually and nationally express infinite gratitude that we would never have otherwise attained the freedom of many heartfelt choices that keeps us within the circle of our limitations in life.

By celebrating Mother’s Day, we are fulfilling our obligation in the way of communicating to the rest of the world as to how we feel toward motherhood from day to day, culminating in the joy of maintaining the equilibrium of our acknowledgment on a day that publicly manifests the unbreakable bond with mothers without whom we would never be born. Mother’s Day has been observed in the United States since the year 1914, on the second Sunday in May, Prior to the establishment of this public holiday, there were cities in the U.S. that continued observing the holiday for many years, such as in Philadelphia in 1910.

Generally, most holidays are proclaimed by the governors of the separate states except Mother’s Day, declared by a particular proclamation of the President of the United States. All mothers are honored, living or dead, with special services held in this regard. Mother’s Day is usually celebrated with gifts, as well as parties, as well as enjoying their company with dining in restaurants. In some cities in the United States, there are those that wear a red carnation if one’s mother is living and a white carnation if she is dead.


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