It Strikes Like A Snake

Unlike any other disease, Alzheimer creeps out of nowhere and suddenly strikes like a snake darting out of unseen bushes and injecting its venom into the bloodstream of an unsuspecting victim. It is estimated that, within the next fifty years from now, no less than fourteen million people will be stricken with this disease. The manifestation, prior to its onset, could be detected in many ways: inability on the part of the victim to recognize a row of numbers that seem to appear like hieroglyphics; when the victim suddenly forgets the way to return home; when the victim becomes agitated while being disoriented, including other signs that appear particularly abnormal. In most cases, Alzheimer’s Disease victimizes those that are aging, though there are instances when it might also be prevalent among those of middle age.

There is, however, new hope for controlling and even preventing Alzheimer’s disease, such as cutting-edge drugs that could help slow down its progression. If caught early, such drugs could buy precious time, as soon as symptoms of the disease are recognized. The problem is that, in most cases, people fail to do so, merely because they refuse to see them for what they are. Family members are prone to dismiss the severity of the symptoms, thinking that there is no need to worry when their parents or grandparents are generally expected to demonstrate peculiarities when they begin to age.

An Alzheimer’s Disease Resource kit might be available for those who want to visit Family members are advised to recognize symptoms of the disease before it is too late.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease are often confused with the common memory lapses. There are instances when we all forget certain words and names, but might suddenly remember them after a while. Such lapses of memory happen as one grows older. Young people could also be susceptible to the problem. There is absolutely no need to worry, nor should you consult your physician about it, since it is highly probable that he might tell you that memory lapses do not belong in the same category as Alzheimer’s disease.


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