Habits – Good and Bad

We are creatures of habit, good and bad, as a result of which, we could be positively or negatively engaged in some aspects of our undertakings. Our long-nursed hopes, aspirations and taboos become cyclical, causing us to be either positively or negatively adjusted to the usual routines of life.

Generally, certain habits that we develop could also affect our state of mind and in, due course, reflect on our character and motives. For instance, a seasoned alcoholic or smoker might be aware of his or her problem, but not inclined or capable to correct it. Ironically, a bad habit could initially afford us a great deal of comfort and convenience, mentally and physically, until later in life when it might inflict pain and suffering. On the other hand, a good habit could help us succeed in some of our endeavors that might even get us closer to goals that we aspire.

Habits that we cultivate through life, could make or break us. A good habit could help steer us in the direction of fulfillment such as maintaining good health, mentally and physically; even helping us succeed in some of our business undertakings, as well as uplifting us morally and spiritually, as it conforms to circumstances, considered particularly positive in nature; whereas a bad habit can be enslaving, being attuned to circumstances that could be destructive and alien to our well-being.

It is absolutely imperative to cultivate a good and desirable habit that relates to concepts that harmonize and balance our thinking with positive attitudes, as well as adapt to circumstances, proven to be beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.


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