Listlessly, the time drags on;

The heat of the sun’s inclement force

Keeps scorching the earth,

Searing the lawn,

With no compassion nor remorse.

Inviting smog

The firmament appears divorced

From every cloud,

Sparrows twittering, forlorn!

Nature as if has sorely vowed

To let her anger

Loose upon

Spoilers of her erstwhile plan,

The belly of the tortured earth,

Full of the poisonous acts of man;

And not until the sun goes down,

Easing the burden of the dirge

Of the sad old, Earth; but soon,

Another day arrives another scourge —

Another cry of Nature woebegone!

As life on earth

Advances on and on,

And with it all the foibles of man that are

His legacy to those as yet unborn

Whose privileges

Tomorrow may be gone!


Awesome! And thanks for connecting. Incidentally, as you might be aware, I am a novelist, with three novels to my credit, titled, ALL ABOUT BRIAN, THE LION AND THE SUN, BETTER LAZTE THAN NEVER. Please join my network and keep up the good work.

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