Hatred and Animosity Can Find Ample Excuses

It has been proven, time and time again, that if one hates something or someone, one would invariably find some kind of excuse to accuse and belittle that person or thing over and over again. For instance, the food that you have just finished eating has caused you to be sick, you would somehow blame it for yet another problem you might experience health-wise; or if you hate somebody and think that that person is repugnant, because of that person’s religion or status, you would invariably find yet another excuse to condemn that person, emanating from the one and only premise that had been deeply rooted in antiquity.

Generally speaking any particular circumstance that has existed in the past and passed on to the present could continue to rekindle revisited condemnation stigmatizing an entire race or nation again and again.

A case in point: The present conflagration between the State of Israel and Gaza, for which Israel has been repeatedly condemned for killing civilians, actually stems from the fact that Jews have been vilified for no reason other than their status as Jews, in spite of the fact that the rampant killing of civilians has been attributed to a new strategy on the part of Hamas to use civilians as shields in order to elicit sympathy from critics that hate Jews and the nation of Israel, such as the U.N., consisting of members from practically all of the Arab countries and their cohorts.


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