Improve Your Vision Through Yoga

Apart from gaining spiritual insight through yoga, the technique could also literally improve your eyesight, as well relieve eyestrain. If you supplement yoga to the eye exercises prescribed by Dr. William Bates, there is reason to believe that, if done on a regularly basis everyday, the result should be phenomenal. According to those that conscientiously adhered to yoga and have succeeded in tremendously improving their vision, the Bates Method, if combined with yoga exercises, could bring back your vision to normal if continued without interruption, on a daily basis.

Another method, associated with yoga is known as the eye-hand coordination: “Take your hands and rub them together until they get warm, after which you should close your eyes and put your palms on the orbits of your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes, without pressing on your eyes, but merely covering them gently, while breathing deeply and slowly, and visualizing the color black. Do this for at least 20 minutes every day.

Put your eyes “on the blink” Blink your eyes 300 times everyday without squinting. This method helps cleanse and massage your eyes.

Another method that could help relieve eyestrain is by shutting your eyes and resting them. This could be done any time, anywhere, each time you pause in your reading or writing. You could do this while on the phone, sitting down and anywhere you find it convenient to do so.

There are many methods that you could employ in the way of self-healing if you focus your attention on exercises that could help, physically, mentally and spiritually; however, if the exercises are not done routinely with persistence, consider these to be a waste of time.


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