A Carefully-Measured Dose Of Psychology

A boisterous argument that might result in injury or fatality can be averted by words of reason. A carefully measured dose of psychology has the power to counteract the simmering effect of sudden rage and gradually turn it to composure. When rage meets rage head-on, the consequence might be tragic. We can exercise psychological control over those that are subject to fits of anger. It can help bring both parties back to the level of rationality.

I was once invited to a party where two men started arguing. It began rather casually until it rose to a level of rage. The hostess appeared conspicuously distraught, but was reluctant to intervene. I, therefore, took it upon myself to try to pacify both men by using some psychology. “Come on, guys,” I began, as I stood up and planted myself squarely between them. “You’re both right,” I continued, “but let’s face it. It’s terribly embarrassing to the hostess,” The men suddenly appeared to calm down. I then decided to proceed a step further by holding and bringing their hands together in a firm shake.

Before I attempted to intervene, I did not anticipate that it would work successfully. Since then, I reinforced my conviction that a volatile situation can, indeed, be diffused if we try applying a little psychology.


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